PPLI- Private Placement Life Insurance

To maximize your wealth and provide your family with the best protection.

We are relieved when asset protection, legacy planning, compliance, and taxation are no longer a concern.

Asset Protection

A correctly structured insurance policy may not be seized or listed in the bankruptcy process


According to the policyholder’s and the beneficiaries’ tax domicile, a policy can be tailor-made for tax efficiency.

Estate Planning

PPLI is separated from the normal estate. Free choice for beneficiaries.


PPLI provides liquidity. Funds may be partially withdrawn or entirely liquidated at any time.

Who are the parties involved?


Increase freedom for investments. The investments are made in the name of the insurers, therefore, no limits on citizenship.

Global Protection

The unique PPLI structure contains a multilayered checks-and-balances system for secured global investment.

Preparation is the key to securing your asset

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