Hong Kong education immigration requires only three simple steps

Undergraduate and Master's Degree

Avoid the college entrance examination and apply for undergraduate and master’s degrees in prestigious Hong Kong universities based on your college entrance examination, international school or university scores.

Immigration for further studies

Moved to Hong Kong through further studies and obtained Hong Kong permanent resident status 7 years later

Kindergarten International School

It is suitable for children to attend international schools in Hong Kong after moving to Hong Kong. International schools for various age groups including kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools

Undergraduate and Master's Degree

Hong Kong universities are among the best in the world. Dacong International Education has helped many students obtain business, computer, media, Admissions for associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in education, literature and other majors.

Our business also covers Macau, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other regions. We provide professional study abroad application consulting services and obtain admissions from top prestigious schools such as the American Ivy League, the British G5, and the National Singaporean School.

Advantages of Hong Kong Education

World-class educational resources

Professors from Hong Kong universities come from all over the world and can provide an international perspective, and Hong Kong’s educational resources and school rankings are among the best in the world.

Taught in English

The all-English teaching environment in Hong Kong universities has to be said to be a huge resource. Whether you plan to work after graduation or study abroad, fluent standard English and a huge vocabulary will bring you
incomparable advantages

Competition is less intense than mainland China

Mainland education reform left 50% failing high school entry, 10%+ admitted to one institution. Hong Kong’s 600,000 candidates had over 1,000 college/university places, 10x mainland’s admission rate.

Diverse higher ed paths - mainly application system.

Mainland China relies on annual exam results for admissions from kindergarten through master’s. Hong Kong has a more diverse application system for higher education admission, offering wider choices.

Associate's Degree

Admission to university

An associate’s degree is an internationally recognized academic qualification between high school and a bachelor’s degree. Generally popular in Western countries is the 2-year associate degree program, which can be connected to the 2-year undergraduate degree program in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions.
The “Hong Kong Vocational and Technical Education Graduates Scheme (VPAS)” is a measure proposed by the Hong Kong government to support vocational and professional education in response to the urgent manpower needs amid economic transformation and technological development.

Hong Kong and Macao have a relatively high level of economic development and a relatively long history of higher education development. Therefore, these two regions are home to a large number of universities with high reputations in Asia and even the world. Most of the university diplomas in Hong Kong and Macau are highly recognized internationally and are also credentials for stress-free application for master’s degrees from prestigious foreign universities. Many candidates regard studying in Hong Kong and Macau as a “springboard” for studying abroad!

Immigration for further study – people who acquire Hong Kong identity through reading

Hong Kong education immigration requires only three simple steps

Step 1: Study in Hong Kong

Go to Hong Kong to study a 1-year master’s degree/1-2-year undergraduate course in Hong Kong, and obtain a student visa and Hong Kong identity card
After evaluation, the minimum requirements for applicants can be relaxed to a college degree without language proficiency.
Tuition fees are as low as HK$90,000/year
One-stop service for admission, enrollment and graduation

Step 2: Visa conversion

Through the joint efforts of the client and us, you have met the seven-year requirement of living in Hong Kong and obtained permanent residence status. Professional consulting services provided by our professional Hong Kong immigration consulting team, striving to ensure that each client successfully obtains a Hong Kong permanent resident identity card.

Step 3: Obtain permanent residence

We have extensive experience in Hong Kong visa conversion and renewal processing, ensuring that every customer can successfully obtain and renew a Hong Kong IANG visa through formal procedures and authentic information.
While waiting for permanent residence, customers can flexibly arrange their travel time between the Mainland, Hong Kong and overseas. Eliminate the pain of “immigration prison”
As customers gradually gain a foothold in Hong Kong, we can also provide diversified one-stop services related to customer information such as taxation and finance, overseas medical care, children’s education, real estate consulting, etc., eliminating your worries.

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