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SF Financial Group

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SF Financial Group (SFFG) provides customized immigration planning, investment and insurance solutions to help customers increase asset value and prevent risks. Focus on health insurance and property insurance planning, as well as providing customers with financial flexibility through premium financing services. At the same time, the group’s one-stop service ensures that customers’ needs in all aspects of immigration, investment, education and life in Hong Kong are efficiently met, and promotes the dual improvement of customers’ quality of life and the company’s development goals.

4 Major Business Categories of SFFG

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Our Company Vision

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The SF Group is committed to providing and implementing the most reliable and trustworthy financial services for customers. This enables the Group to always cater to the needs of customers while the company develops steadily and healthily. 

Our achievements are attributable to the company spirit of dedication, unity, perseverance, and diligence. With an excellent professional team rarely seen in the market, the Group has become an outstanding brand in Hong Kong.